Ultrasound & Combination Therapy

Ultrasound Therapy is a form of electrotherapy popular with physiotherapists and sports therapists which can be used to assist soft-tissue (muscle, tendon, and ligament) healing and aid in the treatment of chronic pain conditions. Ultrasound is especially useful at treating sports/activity injuries (strains & sprains), acute (recent inflamed) injuries and tendonitis. Ultrasound can also be used to address soft tissue pathologies which the hands cannot get to making it helpful in treating a wide variety of complaints. The machines treatment head creates high frequency ‘ultrasound’ vibrations which are transmitted into the body’s tissue through a gel medium. These vibrations cannot be felt but trigger a number of biological processes in the body tissue to promote effective healing. Effects on the body’s tissues include increased blood flow, micro-massage of soft tissue, increased fluid & gaseous interchange, loosening & extensibility of scar tissue, increased permeability of cell membranes and reduced pain. Ultrasound increases the speed of recovery from soft-tissue injury and helps encourage healthy ‘remodelling’ of scar tissue ensuring a quick and full recovery from injury and lowering the occurrence of resulting chronic pain conditions.

I am also trained in combination therapy whereby an electric current from a tens machine is run through the injured area at the same time as ultrasound is applied. The electric current enhances the beneficial effects of the ultrasound promoting further tissue healing, reducing muscle spasm and further reducing pain.

Ultrasound Machine

Alton Advanced Bodywork is Kipp Clark; an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist and specialist in Chronic Pain Treatment who treats clients in Alton, Fleet, Hampshire and Surrey.

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