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Chinese & Myofascial Cupping

Cupping therapy has been utilized in many cultures, throughout history, to treat both musculoskeletal complaints and ill health. Although Chinese (static) cupping (part of traditional Chinese medicine) is perhaps the best known variety today, there are also many new and exciting Western developments in this versatile discipline falling within the ‘Myofascial Cupping’ grouping. Kipp has completed an excellent online CPD qualification, in Myofascial Cupping, with PHYSIOsecrets. This exciting course covers the safe & effective use of traditional, static cupping, approaches as well as new techniques involving active movement of either the cups, or the patient. I use a Hansol Medical, Premium Cupping Set, and have also invested in a pair of quality silicone cups for dynamic cupping techniques.

What are the benefits of cupping?

Assist with lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling and oedema
Increase blood flow to aid in healing
Desensitize regions of pain and irritability
Assist in pain management
Improve mobility quickly via stretch reflex modulation
Reduce muscle spasm
Release trigger points painlessly
Mobilize scar tissue and adhesions
Increase soft tissue length and extensibility
Reduce tissue stiffness and viscosity
Release nerve entrapments and improve nerve mobility

Kipps training in Tui Na acupressure also allows him to use his knowledge of Qi points and the Chinese meridians to inform his cupping practice, for both musculoskeletal issues and health/vitality. Cupping may be utilized, as indicated, as part of a Clinical Massage or Sports Injury treatment.

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