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Client feedback on Alton Advanced Bodywork

Andrew P.

"I visited Kipp with neck and shoulder pain. I was in agony. I couldn’t really raise my arms to put a jacket on easily. Driving and working at a keyboard were uncomfortable to say the least. Kipp’s expertise, combined with a relaxed and friendly bedside manner, filled me with confidence that he could help. After only a few sessions I felt relief from the pain and discomfort I’d been experiencing. Kipp explained what he was going to do and why and the effect he expected it to have. Being released from weeks, if not months, of pain felt fantastic! I’d go back to him again for sure."

Toni Pelling

"Having known Kipp for many years, I can truthfully say that he has come to my rescue many a time.

He seems to know exactly where pain and discomfort originates from, and treats it with care, patience and professionalism.

I would, and often, do recommend him to friends and acquaintances, with thankful feedback."

John B.

"It is always a pleasure to visit Kipp's clinic for pain relief - he provides an excellent service.

Kipp is very knowledgeable, patient, calm, offers reassurance, and most importantly, my knee pain has lessened after each visit. Thank you, Kipp."

Ann Mann

"Just when you are thinking that all your symptoms are just “old age”

Please think again and talk to Kipp Clark about it!    I was truly impressed by the help and advice he gave me on 2 separate occasions. He listens and advises before any treatment begins."


"I have been seeing Kipp now for just over a year and can highly recommend him (as can 4 close friends who I've referred to him). He has a wide range of treatments at his disposal which I find very reassuring and represents value for money (!) and has consistently lessened the pain and stiffness of my chronic conditions, and completely cured or reduced to negligible, the others. For me this is still an ongoing process of recovery.

He can also advise on exercises post-treatment."

Carol Howat

''My quality of life has improved significantly since treatment from Kipp.  After suffering chronic, long-term back spasms, I am pain-free.  Occasional maintenance from Kipp ensures I stay comfortable and flexible.  A very talented and friendly therapist.''

Andrew Sutherland

''I'm happy to recommend Kipp as he provided me with a superb service. Over the course of three sessions my symptoms had cleared up. The ongoing pain, which I had suffered with previously, is now gone. All thanks to this very talented gentleman.''

Charlotte Powell

"I had suffered with back pain for a few months so decided to visit Kipp. The pain had not returned. I would recommend his treatments to anybody."

Sarah May

"I am a gardener and visit Kipp to address my back, carpal tunnel & tight shoulders, which he sorts out every time! I always walk away feeling relaxed and refreshed."

Liz Lawrence

"Kipp has extensive, in depth and up-to-date knowledge, and knows how to treat pain effectively. I have benefitted greatly from his myofascial release treatment and am very happy to recommend him."

Karen Soflaten

''After prolapsing a disc I had tried physiotherapy, chiropractic & acupuncture. I had resigned myself to having to put up with the pain but Kipp alleviated 98% of it.''

Luke Mann

"Kipp is the only practitioner who can really help me. His breath of knowledge and treatments are truly exceptional.

I have no reservations at all about recommending him and have done so to many of my friends and family……all of whom have the same feelings. He is remarkable and I feel so lucky to be able to have his help."


''I have osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and hypermobility so bits of me are often presenting with pain. I have no idea how Kipp does what he does but he is brilliant at relieving long-standing pain or fixing acute problems. He uses a wide repertoire of techniques and methods to achieve results for me. It is a real boon to have him in the area.''

Carol Northcott

''I first came to Kipp for help with joint problems and thanks to him I am much more comfortable and mobile.

Kipp is a talented therapist.  He has studied both eastern and western disciplines and brings in elements of all his knowledge to personalise any treatment thus bringing about the best results.  He is very thorough in his consultations and listens carefully to any concerns.  I cannot recommend him highly enough.'' 


''Can highly recommend Kipp if you have any pain in your body. He uses different techniques that work wonders.''


"I highly recommend Kipp. I went to him having had a couple of weeks with a persistent headache. Kipp was able to find the root cause of the problem and, after several sessions with him, he sorted the issue out. No more headaches."


"I visited Kipp as I needed my neck 'unlocking' due to my spine being out of alignment.

He is very knowledgeable in many certified subjects and he managed to release my neck and relax the tension from me.

I would recommend Kipp to anyone with body alignment issues."


"Kipp has done wonders for my back, and other minor injuries."


"Over the past ten years Kipp has treated me for sports and other injuries - achilles, back, golfers elbow, shoulder strain etc. Kipp's use of a range of treatments has proved very effective and helped the recovery process significantly. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Kipp's professionalism and his overall approach for alleviating pain, increasing mobility and providing advice during recovery".


"Kipp is extremely knowledgeable and will work with you to identify issues and prescribe the best therapy treatment for your needs and abilities. Great explanation of treatment and help with finding problem areas as well as exercises/treatment to overcome the issue.  I would highly recommend Kipp as he has a wide range of therapies to offer."
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