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Clinical Massage & Bodywork

Bodywork is an umbrella term for a wide variety of hands-on techniques, primarily used to treat the bodies joints and soft-tissues (muscle, tendon, fascia, ligament, organs). Bodywork is also frequently used treat pain conditions, the back, postural problems and also trauma & stress-related health problems. My Bodywork training draws from a wide range of ‘cutting edge’ therapies & disciplines and including Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Manipulative Therapy, Rolfing and Visceral Manipulation.


My Bodywork treatment includes Clinical/Sports Massage, but many of the techniques used are very different to conventional Sports & Remedial Massage. Clinical Massage & Bodywork can often help musculoskeletal/pain issues that have not responded to more well known disciplines and/or conventional medicine! Kipp has completed Jing’s level 6 BTEC in Advanced Clinical & Sports Massage, the first degree level Massage & Bodywork course in the UK, giving him unsurpassed knowledge in Massage/Bodywork and the treatment of soft-tissue pain conditions.

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