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Myofascial Release (John Barnes method)

Myofascial release is a gentle yet extremely powerful mind-body healing therapy used to effectively treat the fascia of the body. The fascia is the tough connective tissue, which covers every muscle, muscle fibre, nerve, joint and organ in the body. This ‘web’ of fascia can become dehydrated, inflexible and restricted. The thick sheets of fascia which cover organs and muscles can also become tight, straight-jacketing the muscle/organ. Restrictions can cause pain, dysfunction, structural abnormality and postural problems. Restrictions also make movement more tiring, inhibit circulation and effect tissue/organ function. Most fascial restrictions do not show up on any conventional medical tests. Massage, acupuncture, manipulation, therapeutic injections and electrotherapy do not release fascial restrictions; only myofascial release does. Myofascial release has proven very effective in helping individuals recover from chronic pain, scarring and post-operative problems, old injuries, menstrual/fertility problems, pelvic/abdominal pain, fibromyalgia and chest tightness/breathing problems. It can also help people to ‘move on’ from past emotional trauma and can facilitate the natural self healing process of ‘unwinding’.


The indirect John Barnes method of myofascial release involves using a ‘listening touch’ to follow subtle movements of the body’s fascia to find the route of ease, which can effectively release the tissue. Working this way helps you to better release the fascia while working in a gentler way, allowing the body’s tissues to self correct as you treat the client. I may also include elements of cranio-sacral therapy, harmonic technique, gentle traction and energy work to aid my myofascial work as required.

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