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Neuro-Fascial Mobilisation (i.e. nerve mobilisation)

Neurofascial mobilisation (NM) is a fascinating, and clinically extremely useful branch of Visceral Manipulation. Jean-Pierre Barral, DO originally developed myofascial techniques to ‘free up’ nerves in their nerve bed (nerve sheath). Other therapists further developed his work to include new techniques, insights and movements to help restore the nerves ‘slide’ by breaking myofascial adhesions. I trained with Stephen Goldstein BSc, one of the pioneers of nerve manipulation and director of the Fascial Therapy Institute of Australia.

Although manipulative therapists are well trained in helping release nerve root impingement (in the spine), there are many other places the major nerves can get impinged causing pain, paraesthesia (tingling), dysfunction and muscle weakness. NM teaches the best techniques, and nerve access points, to quickly free up these impingement’s to address many nerve impingement syndromes, as well as RSI’s, restricted joint movement and muscle tension related to nerve impingement. NM can give lasting relief from many painful conditions helping avoid the need for invasive surgery with conditions such as carpel tunnel syndrome & cubital tunnel syndrome, as well as dramatically improving sciatica treatment results! NM can be used used to free up stuck or impinged nerves in the pelvis, glutes, neck, chest, wrist, arms & legs.

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