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Spinal Manipulation (i.e. Osteopathic* Manipulation)

Kipp has qualified in Manipulative Therapy, taught by Doctor of Osteopathy, and respected therapy lecturer, Cameron Reid. The Qualification addresses principles and concepts in the field of Manual Medicine, helping to re balance the body’s musculoskeletal structure. Training covers the safe application of joint & spinal ‘manipulations’ (Osteopathic manipulation) using high velocity, low amplitude thrust techniques (to free up joint fixations). The Manipulative Therapy course also covered joint and spinal articulation (mobilizations), muscular soft tissue techniques, harmonic technique, physical assessment, patient examination, contraindications and relevant rehabilitation exercises.

Kipp occasionally uses his Manipulative skills, where required, to complement his Advanced Massage & Bodywork therapy, when a joint is particularly stuck and cant be 'freed up' with gentler techniques. Mobilizations from other disciplines such as Thai Massage, Physiotherapy and Myofascial Release are also employed if indicated. Kipp takes care to release tight muscles and fascial restrictions which may be contributing to your joint fixations, or structural misalignment’s, also ensuring more comfortable manipulations/mobilizations. Manipulative Therapy is particularly helpful in addressing back & neck pain, trapped nerves, sciatica, joint / spinal stiffness, facet joint irritation, cricked necks, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

*Please note: Kipp is not an Osteopath, nor claims to be.

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