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Sports Massage & Injury treatment

My Sports Massage training includes the effective use of techniques such as Soft Tissue Release, Deep Tissue Massage, PNF Stretching & Active Isolated Stretching, Frictioning, Tapotement, Harmonics, Petrissage, Rolling and Effleurage. By combining Sports Massage with my other Bodywork training I am able to quickly address tight muscles, sports injures, sports related repetitive strain injuries (RSI's) and biomechanical problems affecting the sporting client.

My clinical massage training includes orthopaedic assessment and body-reading, which allow me to assess and address a client’s body/joints for any biomechanical problems and/or muscle imbalances which may lead to future injury. I can therefore offer effective injury prevention treatment, as well as tailored treatment to improve sporting performance. I can develop treatment protocols to improve flexibility and/or joint range of movement, should it be required.

As part of my level 6 BTEC I have also completed a module in Pre & Post Event Sports Massage. Pre-Event Massage (30 min-2 days before sport) involves short, invigorating treatments to stimulate local nervous system, increase blood flow to the muscles, decrease cramping, warm up muscles, loosen joints and improve performance. Post-Event Massage (20 min-1 day after sport) should be done after a ‘cool down’ and aims to decrease recovery time, aid blood & lymphatic drainage, remove metabolic by-products and reduce cramping & delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), returning the body to homeostasis.

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