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Tui Na (Chinese Medical Massage)

Tui Na is an ancient Chinese bodywork therapy whose lineage dates back to the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) text ‘The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine (2697-2597 B.C.). Tui Na works the bodies meridians (energy [Qi] pathways of the body) and acupressure points using invigorating, rhythmic techniques and specialized strokes. Eastern stretches and manipulations aim to free up joints while restoring flow and harmony in the five essential substances. Kipp’s eastern bodywork training also includes a CPD course with Jing on Amma Fusion, and some Shiatsu techniques.


Tui Na can be very helpful for musculoskeletal issues, arthritis and chronic pain conditions, often helping when a ‘western bodywork approach’ has proved relatively ineffective and/or the ailments may be due to energetic issues (stagnant Qi). Meridian-based bodywork and acupressure are also excellent at promoting health, vitality and balanced mood, often helping turn the tide on chronic illnesses western medicine may struggle to address. Tui Na can help with many conditions including systemic conditions (body system/organ problems), chronic fatigue, chronic illness, low mood/anxiety, malaise, headache, joint/muscular pain, back pain and ear/sinus problems.

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